2nd April 2010

I finally got round to weathering Artoo using a combination of black acrylic paints with an airbrush to add some general 'dirt' to the main areas of the body, legs and head and some thick acrylic paint brushed into the grooves on the skins and head to add some 'built up over the years' dirt.

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11th November 2009

Only a couple of jobs today, some detail painting and fitting the centre vents to the frame. The slots in the back of each octagonal port has been painted matt black to simulate cooling vents, and blue highlights have been applied to the coin slot, battery box harnesses, ankle details and charging ports.


3rd & 5th November 2009

More of the same, the silver is done, the blue is done, the dome,body & legs were done on the 3rd, the feet on the 5th...


2nd November 2009

A few days ago I washed all the resin parts with some fairly liquid to remove the release agent, and left them to dry over night and this morning I made a make-shift table in the garage from some some spare MDF, and laid out all the resin bits of Artoo for painting - each raised slightly either on a wood or metal strip.

First on was a few coats of white auto-primer, followed by some silver alloy wheel paint. It's a bit cold and on some parts the solvent used to thin the paint had separated [see close up of shoulder hub below] - but once dry a light sand and a mist of aluminium paint was sprayed over the parts which hid the marks, and they will all be left over night to dry.

I also sprayed the blue onto the radar eye, booster covers and large data port, and again due to the cold it hasn't gone on as good as expected, but once dry it should be fine - all the parts will be weathered once dry anyway so small imperfections in the paint are absolutely fine.

The colours I am using are Halfords 'Aluminium', BMW Interlagos Blue and Halford alloy wheel silver & white.