Introduction & Welcome


Thank you for accessing the e-KSF e-learning package. This short online training session is designed to introduce you to the e-KSF system, from finding the website & logging on, through to recording KSF Personal Development Reviews & updating Objectives & Personal Development Plans.

To use this package, please click on the module titles on the left hand side. They are arranged in a logical order, and you should complete each section before progressing to the next.

Your local e-KSF /KSF lead or training team may also be able to tell you which sections you should be focusing on to make the most of e-KSF in your role. If you need any further advice about this package or the e-KSF itself, please in the first instance contact your local KSF, L&D or HR team.

We hope you find this package useful, welcome to the world of e-KSF...!

The Think Associates e-learning team

Your local e-KSF Administration team are responsible for allocating the correct level of access and ensuring that the team and departmental structure is set up correctly in e-KSF. To discuss your team structure and set up and to request a user name and password please contact the e-KSF Admin team as below.

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