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Arnold Dog


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Max was the founder & lived in Lobousland since October 1994 just after we rescued him from the back of an RSPCA van in Manchester.

Max lived with us until 2007 when he became very ill from cancer. On October 19th '07 he left us so he could have some peace from his illness.

He was a really naughty boy when he was young, used to run away all the time and cause us lots of worry...!

Max's ashes have now joined Arnolds on the piano in an engraved wooden box.

Max will be remembered as the 'original and [still] the best' friend we had.


...lest we forget Max's 'besy mate', Arnold, who came to Lobousland on Valentines Day, 2001.

He broke his back in October 2002 when he had an accident in the park and had to leave us soon afterwards.

He was the softest, most loyal dog you'd have had the pleasure of meeting and we miss him very much...

When we moved house we couldn't bear to leave him behind so we now keep his ashes in his own little wooden box on the piano where he can keep a watchful eye on Dexter, Winston & Charley...

Arnold is remembered as our fondest friend


I moved to Lobousland in November 2002 when I was 9 months old. I was singing in a cage at Leigh Animal Shelter when I saw Chris looking at me - so I sang louder and he asked to meet me.

I then met Richard and decided to go home with them.

I remember Max was really mean to me at first but he is now my bestest friend in the whole world and I'd do anything for him.

I love to sing and talk all the time, its so much fun to squeak whilst running around the house.

My favorite thing to do is cuddle and sniss.

Richard and Chris came to the kennels in January 2005 to get Max some dinner, on the way in they stopped to look at the puppies.

All my brothers and sisters had left me and I had been in that cage for weeks and weeks, so I wagged my tail and said hello.

Very soon I was in the car on the way to my new home which I love very much.

Max is very grumpy but Dexter is fun although he sings too much and is very loud. I like to lounge around.

I have a very nice Doctor called Duncan because I am disabled. He has made my bendy front legs straight again because I couldn't stand up properly.

My name is Charley Moo and I am a Tibetan Terrier. I came to live at Lobousland on the 20th December 2007, it took a long time to get to my new home, I was in the car for 6 hours... but I was very good all the way.

Richard came to see me at my old home which I miss a lot but I think I am going to be very happy at Lobousland.

I met my new friends Dexter & Winston who have been really nice to me - they chase me around the garden.

I'm very much looking forward to going on long walks and swimming in the lake which is close to my new house.