Classic Series



The Tenth Planet

Dalek Invasion of Earth

2150AD (SDCC 2009)


The Dead Planet   Invasion of the Cybermen
Evil of the Daleks The Ice Warriors Tomb of the Cybermen

Day of the |Daleks Death to the Daleks (SDCC 2009)

Planet of the Daleks

The Sea Devils Claws of Axos


The Pyramids of Mars The Brain of Morbius Terror of the Zygons

The Robots of Death

The Deadly Assassin

The Talons of Weng-Chiang


Genesis of the Daleks

Destiny of the Daleks

Revenge of the Cybermen



Planet of Fire

Resurrection of the Daleks

Revelation of the Daleks Trial of a Timelord Real Time (SDCC 2009)
Attack of the Cybermen Remembrance of the Daleks Silver Nemesis
The TV Movie The Master

  Planet of Fire (SDCC 2010)