Dalek 2; 'Shawcraft' Style Skirt

3rd & 4th May 2009

Using the same method as the NSD hemis, I've hot glued a 65mm coach bolt into the centre of each hemi, and secured each with a blob of P40 fibre fill putty - under under 3 watchful eyes...


15th & 16th April 2009

After two evenings sat on the floor I'm very happy to announce the hemis are sanded and ready for paint, pending the bolts to be glued to the insides...




11th & 12th April 2009

The skirt has had four coats of sealer /primer now and has had some small areas be filled, a final sand and now it is ready to be painted.



7th April 2009

Only thing to report today is that the skirt has had two light coats of MDF sealer & primer - it'll need a little filler in places, but should be ready for a thorough sand at the weekend in preparation for painting...



5th April 2009

Spent an hour or so scraping and sanding the skirt, and then washed it down with white spirit -and drilled the pilot hols for the hemis.

The skirt started life as a plug for a fibreglass mould, so I need to make sure that all the wax & release agent have been removed before I paint it. Next job will be a coat of primer to test if its all off, and then some light filling, before the full paint process...



4th April 2009

A short car trip west and we have a skirt... a fellow builder made this and its now surplus to requirements. All it needs is a good clean up before priming.

You can also see a Movie style fender below - 'nuff said!