Dalek 2; Bulked up 'Dead Planet /1st Movie' Style Shoulders

12th April 2009

The P40 paste has dried nice and hard, and the MDF is firmly fixed in position - and a hole cut out to match up with the skirt. I need to add some captive bolts to the shoulders that will sit in holes on the skirt top edge - unlike the NSD this Dalek won't be hinged at the back.


11th April 2009

The shoulder section has a couple of problems... first it had a rather large overhang over the skirt and secondly the return on the lower edge wasn't deep enough to allow it to be fixed to the skirt, so...

I've Dremeled the return down to a half inch, and fixed a section of 18mm MDF into the recess, so the shoulder will now sit about a half inch lower on the skirt to reduce the overhang, and when I cut out the centre, it will give me enough to allow it to sit on the skirt properly with some bolts to hold it in place.

The MDF is glued with P40 paste on the lower side, and also around the inside, which when dry should be nice and secure. I'll cut the centre out to match up with the skirt when its been left overnight to set properly.


7th April 2009

Having cut out the ball joint holes in the shoulders over the weekend, I have now shaped a piece of MDF to fit in the gun-box on the inside, with holes to mirror the ball joint holes in the shoulder section. Following another Dalek builder's process, I hot-glued some 75mm coach bolts to the inside, and then used P40 to fix the bolts to the rear side of the shoulders, between the holes, to which the MDF slides onto, bolts in place, and holds the ball joints in place.

A thorough sand and the shoulders will be ready to be painted...


5th April 2009

It's been a day of bits and more bits, with one bit being cutting out the 9cm holes in the shoulders for the gun and sucker arm, and sanding the seams smooth...