Dalek 2; Paint

9th - 12th May 2009

Time for Dalek to get dirty - some careful application of semi gloss black acrylic paints with an airbrush, followed by a good rub with a scourer to give it a 'worn in' look.



4th May 2009

The head and neck are now [properly] dry, so they are now back upstairs and I've painted the inside of the dome and neck black... the shoulders have been masked and sprayed with gold (small touch up needed), the hemis are now metallic blue and the fender is painted with a mix of black & silver Hammerite - same as the NSD - which give a nice galvanised effect like raw metal. The skirt is still in the garage, having had a final blast over with the grey.


3rd May 2009

9am - taped 3 12'x9' dust sheets around the inside of the garage to protect the, er..., junk...

9.30am - stacked the skirt, shoulders & dome so they can be primed together, replacing the dome with the neck about half way through.

12.30pm & 5 tins of primer later, one grey Dalek... The neck rings have had several coats of primer, then each sanded down to smoothen the edges where they were cut. Just needs to dry now for a while before I start on the top coat...

The skirt and shoulders are [4 tins] Ford Polaris Grey, the shoulder collars & neck in [3 & 1/2 tins] Ford Olympic Gold [which is the same gold the NSD hemis are painted], and the head & hemis in [4 tins] Peugeot Miami Blue.  The claw will be a mix of silver and the grey, and the gun collars are the same grey as the skirt.

I haven't got the paint for the fender until I have seen how it all looks together - but I'm thinking of painting it the same as the NSD fender, Hammerite silver and black mixed to make a deep grey and airbrushed with black to tarnish it... and of course the Dalek will be weathered down to make it look dirty once its all dry and back in one piece.